Thinking about throwing a bachelorette party? Well you’re in luck because bachelorette parties are our specialty! If that isn’t enough, we guarantee that the bachelorette in question will be thanking all of the girls for making her “last night out” truly unforgettable. We offer several packages that are sure to delight or we can create a custom package that is just right for your group.

    Birthdays, sleep over parties, girls night out, divorce parties, "get even" jokes... you name the party - our guys will make it a time to remember! Ask your friends about HARDBODIES, they will tell you we are the best!

Pictures below are photos of real dancers, working for Hardbodies Striptease. Don't be fooled by other so-called "companies", using photos of stunning  models, definitely NOT working for those companies! Using our service, you are definitely will get the dancer you picked out, so feel free to choose!

     As most of our dancers have day jobs or attend higher learning institutions, therefore they don't want their images to be totally recognizable on the web site.
 We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

     Height: 5'10" 
     Weight: 180 lbs. 

 "If you want the  "Super" show I am  your man!" 

    Height: 6'2" 
    Weight: 185 lbs. 

   "I love to meet new people! You'll love my personality and my body!" 


   Height: 6'0" 
   Weight: 205 lbs. 

      "If you are looking for a wild show then I am your man! Ask me about the 'life saver trick" 



     Height: 5'11"               Weight: 190 lbs.

    "I will have a blast making sure your party is a memorable one!" 


      Height: 6'1"
   Weight: 210 lbs. 

   "I have been a dancer for over ten years and have done male revues at many nightclubs. I excel at keeping the party entertaining with many tricks, gags, and gifts that get the party goers involved."

       Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 195 lbs
   "I love to make sure that the party goers get their money worth and make the event special and memorable!"


      Height: 5'6" 
   Weight: 155 lbs. 

   "I would love to meet you! You'll love my body! I'll show you what is the real party about!" 


   Height: 5' 10"                 Weight: 185 lbs. 

   "I will dance my ass off for you! It will be a night to remember!"

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 185 lbs. 

    "I can't wait to make your party a memorable one!" 


   Height: 5'11" 
   Weight: 180 lbs.

   "I will have a blast making sure your party is a memorable one!


   Height: 5' 10" 
   Weight: 200 lbs.  

   "For an elegant, sophisticated and fun party call me! I'll make it a memorable one!" 


   Height: 5' 7"                 Weight: 180 lbs. 

   " Hi Ladies, Let Me Tell You Something... Sipping,Tipping & Stripping & Bumping & Grinding...YEA BABY... Thats The Name Of The Game!"

              Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 195 lbs

        " I love to dance and move, and will do my best for you!"


      Height: 6'0"
      Weight: 190lbs

       " Just try me. You'll see what I can do for you..."


      Height: 6'0"
      Weight: 197 lbs

      " I'll focus on your party to make it the best!" 

      Height: 5'7"
      Weight: 175 lbs

      " Let me come over and I'll show you what  I can do for you..."


    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 175 lbs

    " I will do my best to please you and your guests..."


     Height: 6'1"
     Weight: 195 lbs

     " Teaseing you... pleasing you... Let me play with you..."

Hardbodies Striptease  is the number one  Denver and Surrounding Colorado areas. Service  that is dedicated to high  quality, sexy entertainment with male  exotic dancers and female exotic dancers.  Our dancers are defenitely better than any other entertainment company.
Colorado Strippers and Denver Strippers  from Hardbodies  Entertainment are the number one Denver and Surrounding Colorado  areas.  Service that is dedicated to high quality, sexy entertainment  with male  exotic dancers and female exotic dancers. The pictures  on our site are 100% real  HardBodies dancers. All of our Strippers  are located in Denver, Colorado  locations. We also send out strippers  to Wyoming, Neberska and Kansas. All of  our sexy dancers are  run through an intensive screening and training program to  give  you the finest in exotic entertainment for Colorado, Wyoming. They  are  friendly, classy, professional and of course, beautiful. All  of our dancers show  Colorado Dancer hospitality and wildness to  make your bachelor(ette) party,  birthday, or special occasion  a memorable one! When choosing a strip company it  is important  that you realize it is impossible to assure 100% satisfaction if  the exotic dancer entertainment company is not based in the area  you are from.  These other companies cannot meet with their dancers  in person, so in actuality,  they have no idea of what exotic entertainment  they are sending out. Hardbodies  Entertainment has strippers that  are based out of the Denver, Colorado. We are  very familiar with  our dancers and can also help you to pick the best Colorado  stripper  to suit your needs. When you call to book one of our dancers, we  will  take whatever time you need to assure that you are completely  satisfied. We have  friendly phone operators that are waiting for  your call, instead of just an  impersonal answering machine like  so many other companies. Hardbodies  Entertainment wants you to  have the best party possible. Let us help you make it  an unforgettable  experience. same time, making you feel less stressed! Srippers,  dancers entertainers for Denver, Colorado, Wyoming for a great  bachelor,  bachelorette, birthday or any male and female dancer  party. Hardbodies Denver,  Colorado- Hardbodies "Colorado University  Scandal And Strippers" Colorado  Unviversity football scandal strippers  and bare assets of Hardbodies. See us in  Playboy and  hot girls under campus  striptease.
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  *limousine service
  *discounts to the night clubs
  *discounts to strip clubs
  *discounts on liquor for your party
  *discounts on dinners for the night of your event


    Height: 5'10"              Weight: 210 lbs. 

    "My parties are always fun!"

Hardbodies Striptease
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